MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Location: file:///C:/8589A314/w4.htm Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii" Towards Interoperability of Enterprise Heterogeneous Enterprise Netw= orks and their Applicatons : from Industries needs to ATHENA requirements

Towards Interoperability of Enterpr= ise Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Applicatons : from Industries needs to ATHENA requirements

Workshop Chair: Man-Sze Li - msli@icfocus.co.uk=

= IC Focus Limited
42 Clifton Road
London N8 8JA<= /st1:PostalCode>
United Kingdom

= AIDIMAC/Benjamin Franklin, 13

Parque Tecnologico. Paterna. Valencia. Spain



Markopo= ulo Ave.,

=  19002 Peania Attika Greece

= http://www.intracom.gr

coChairs: Maria A= nastasiou - Ruben Garcia
Main Topic: Industry requirements for interoperability of enterprise applications and Software
Goal: Share with the audience current res= ults and discuss with them needs and requirements for interoperability

= WS committee

·        Nicolas Figay (EADS CCR, France)

·        Massimo Ippolito (CR-FIAT, Italy)

·        Maria Jose Nunez (AIDIMA, = Spain)

·        Rainer Ruggaber (SAP , Germany)

·<= span style=3D'font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>      =   Ricardo G= oncalves (UNINOVA, Portugal)

·<= span style=3D'font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>      =   Fran= k Lillehagen (COMPUTAS, Norw= ay)


= The workshop is open to any IT related enterprise. The topics to be address are related to interoperability problems focused in some sectors as automotive, aeronautics, telecommunications and furniture. The Program Committee will revise all contributions and will select the best ones.

= The workshop aims to present and discuss with the audience the current results = of ATHENA programme related to industry short and long term needs and requirem= ents regarding interoperability of enterprise software and applications. In particular, the way industrial interoperability requirements are handled wi= thin the programme will be presented and specific examples of industry scenarios indicating interoperability needs and solutions will be provided. Neverthel= ess, the industry scenarios will be used also for testing the solutions provided= by the R&D technology providers and for the development of the future scenarios with the needs of the industry in terms of interoperability. Also, under the ATHENA programme, a general model for determining the impact of interoperability on business will be provided by stating the strategic busi= ness challenges relating to interoperability.
Organizer Presentation:

= INTRACOM was established in 1977 and nowadays constitutes the largest Greek new technologies company with domestic and international activity. INTRACOM engineers advanced innovative products, provides expert professional servic= es and undertakes complex and large-scale integrated technology projects across the four basic economy sectors of: 1) Telecommunications 2) e-Government and Public administration 3) Banking and finance 4) Defence.<= /p>


= AIDIMA, the technological institute for the wood and furniture industry, is a non-profit scientific and educational organisation which is active througho= ut Europe and particularly in Spain. The main aim of AIDIMA is the transfer of RTD and technological innovation = to the Spanish wood and furniture sector to enhance competitiveness in the glo= bal market. AIDIMA was created due to an initiative of the private companies in= the wood and furniture sector and established in 1984 with the initial support = of the Valencian Government, the Spanish Ministry = of Industry and the European Union. Today, AIDIMA is the scientific umbrella organisation for almost 650 associated companies throughout Spain. = Areas of Expertise: 1)Wood Technology, Wood-Based Composites, Components and other R= aw Materials, 2) Furniture and Joinery, 3) Packaging & Transport, 4) Information Technologies, 5) Sectorial Informat= ion & Market Analysis 6) Education & Training



·        ATHENA IP Presentation

·        Interoperability Requirements Handling and Specific Scenarios (short term view on interoperability requirements) - Validation and Evaluation

·        Long term interoperability requirements


= duration: 3 hours